5 Features that make Potato Buns a great bun for your Burgers

Today’s QSR market segment is full of intense competition with brands continuously trying to differentiate themselves in the area of the value proposition that they are offering their customers. Every professional baker wants to serve their customers the best and most suitable food choice which will not only allure them but also ensure brand loyalty and repetitive purchases. QSRs additionally need to ensure that their product offerings are suited to be prepared and served to their customers in the shortest possible time frame. Burgers are definitely one of the highest demand products in the QSR space and its demand has seldom seen a drop.
When talking about burgers, innovation in patties and sauces has long been dominating this offering and are no doubt the most important aspects in deciding the quality of the burgers. However, in the quest to further differentiate the products QSRs have started looking beyond this aspect and started offering innovative variations of the bread buns that can perfectly complement the taste and texture profile of their burgers.
In the process of setting up a burger outlet or adding varieties of burgers to the menu, every foodservice business faces this mandated question related to the choice of buns which will capture the essence of taste and texture profile of the patty, sauce and cheese. There are definitely many choices to consider ranging from the standard white bun to the milk bun, brioche bun, brown bread bun, multigrain bun, potato bun and many other variations and options. 
Choosing buns with so many options available can be quite a daunting task especially when it comes to maintaining inventories of all the different variations and this can prove to be all the more challenging. Hence during the initial stages of business, having a reliable and dependable option, that will be great as a universal offering yet be different from the traditional bread buns in every way will be an ideal choice. This is where the old-fashioned potato buns/rolls will be a preferred choice for your perfect burgers. Potato buns and rolls are golden colored, super light and airy with a soft texture that is ideal for burgers. Different types of potatoes and potato flours along with wheat flour are used to make the dough for this super light burger buns.
The following are 5 reasons why your patties require potato buns to make the perfect burgers
Excellent Mouthfeel: Potato buns have ingredients like potato flour and mashed potatoes that give the bun a smooth mouthfeel that is not too sweet and has a neutral flavor profile that gently melts in the mouth as soon as it is eaten. This greatly enhances the overall experience of your burger while not interfering in the texture and taste profile of your burger and highlighting the flavor of your patty, sauce, cheese, etc. 
Moist Texture: Potato flour contains potato starches that absorb more water than wheat flour and hold the water content in the dough for a longer period of time. This leads to the retaining of moisture in the dough and provides an excellent moist texture to the baked potato buns.
Lighter Crumb: Potato starches not only absorb more water but also plays a vital role in disrupting the gluten network. During the process of baking, the potato starches enlarge their molecules and make it difficult for the gluten to form its network leading a lighter crumb that is easy to digest.
Quicker Rise: Potatoes naturally contain potassium which is an essential ingredient of the chemical leavening system of many baked products. It accelerates the yeast activity by helping it produce carbon dioxide quickly as compared to wheat and allows the baked product to rise quickly.
Longer Shelf Life: Potato starch molecules decreases the starch retrogradation process by holding the moisture for a longer period of time as compared to wheat starch. Due to this, the potato buns stay fresh for a longer duration when compared to any other kind of bun.
The above-mentioned reasons are why the old-fashioned traditional American burger bun is slowly making its come back into the global burger industry and establishing itself as the preferred base bun choice for burgers and rolls. Although potato buns have it’s own qualities that making them ideal for the burger industry, baking them in bulk regularly may turn out to be quite a hectic task. Consistency of ingredients, stocking of each and every ingredient and expert replication of recipe preparation does require a lot of management and expertise. 
Understanding these concerns regarding consistent quality output and quicker preparation time commonly faced by foodservice outlets while preparing this product, SwissBake® has developed a special Potato Bun Mix that is a convenient complete mix to prepare beautifully golden, super light potato buns and rolls. This mix helps to produce consistent quality potato buns as it has an easy-to-bake recipe and method that can be followed and replicated with minimal baking expertise. For more information about this product, please visit our website https://www.swissbake.in/product/potato-bun-mix
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